Sunday, April 11, 2010

Another New Bento Box

My bento benefactor has given me wonderful new accessories and a new bento box!  I've got lots of little bottles for sauces and dressings, and this incredibly cute owl whose beak is part of a spoon, so it can scoop out mayonnaise or (in this case) sour cream.  After the photo I added a little more sour cream to top the guacamole so it wouldn't darken.

Can't wait for the gardening season, so I'll have a few more local ingredients.  In this week's bento I just had onion tops, sour cream and monterey jack for local ingredients.  But the community gardens were being tilled this morning, and I've got plants started.  The first harvest from the garden will be coming soon - lamb's quarters, or pig weed (chenopodium album), a relative of spinach, and just as nutritious.  My log of daily updates on the garden's progress can be found here.

This bento: quesadilla with monterey jack cheese, guacamole, diced tomato, onion tops, lettuce, gummi frog, easter egg cupcake decorations, and sour cream in the owl.

Local foods: onion tops, sour cream, monterey jack cheese.


  1. What a dear little box--and CUTE accessories. Interesting that in Japan cute is cool, but not here.

  2. Cute spring bento! Love the penguin container.

  3. Bleh, are these actually ediable? Looks about as tasty as fondant.

  4. Yes, very edible. Photograph could be better, and I'm sure that gummi frogs aren't everybody's idea of good eats.