Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bunny in the Grass

Trying out my borrowed egg shaper.  (You can also shape with cookie cutters - see here) The lettuce around my bunny egg is from my winter lettuce project, which has been a lot slower than I envisioned.

The yogurt is Cabot plain nonfat yogurt with Wyman's frozen rasberries, and sugar added to taste.  This is much less expensive than buying flavored yogurt, and I can vary the fruit every day.

That's a slice of very dark red apple at the bottom - an empire, which gave such a nice red color to my apple jelly.

This bento:  onion and yukon gold potatoes, cooked in a little of the fat from the Dakin Farm Bacon, toast, egg, lettuce, yogurt with raspberries, empire apple

Local foods: onion from my garden, lettuce from my back room, Dakin Farm Bacon, La Panciata bread, Cabot Yogurt, empire apple

Monday, March 1, 2010

Thinking of Spring

So many Spring things to do - seeds to plant, spring cleaning..   So it's time to add flowers to the bento - made from pickled beets, and with a cheese center.  Cheese centers to the cucumber slices in the salad, too.  Homemade croutons.  I just butter a slice of bread and pan-toast it on both sides, then cut up in cubes (usually) or in this case I used a round linzer cookie cutter.

The local ingredients are slim pickings.  Cabot cheese, bread,  and the stems for the flowers, which are from sprouted onions.

This bento: fried rice with onions and asparagus, pickled beets, cheese, onion tops, bagged salad, homemade croutons, cucumber, Ranch dressing, Jordon Almonds

Local foods: Cabot cheese, bread fromLa Panciata, onion stems.