Monday, September 28, 2009


BLT for lunch! But since it's in a bento box it's only a half sandwich, and I've cut the toast and bacon in pieces. To keep the toast and bacon from getting soggy I've put the tomatoes and mayo in silicone mini-muffin cups, and separated the toast from the cukes with parchment paper.

The bacon is cob smoked from Dakin Farms, my favorite bacon. I bought ends and pieces at the store, and as you can see some of it is nearly solid meat. There is also a maple crunch chocolate from Green Mountain chocolates. Cooked cortland apples. The little green mustard spoon is ancient; I think French's mustard used to come with these, but at any rate they've been in the silverware drawer for decades

This morning's bento is in a smaller box (739ml vs 925ml). Maki at says that a full bento box has about the number of calories as it has ml (a cup is about 240ml). (That would be true with something like rice or pasta, certainly true with meats and cheese, but then veggies and fruits would be much less.) I will seldom fill my bento box to the gills, at least until/unless I get a real bento box, which usually is shallower than these ziploc containers. This box still has more than enough space for what I want for lunch, and the good thing about that is that it will encourage me to fill it up with veggies.

This bento: BLT with toast, bacon, tomato and mayo. cucumber sticks, broccoli, rutabaga, apples, and a maple crunch chocolate.

local foods: tomato from my garden. cucmber, apples, bacon, bread, chocolate


  1. Looks great, lemonfair! Thanks for the link to your blog over at SE in last week's Cook and Tell thread. :)

    Your fresh tomato makes me super-jeal.

  2. Max - thanks for signing up as a follower. I'm returning the favor as soon as I can figure it out :^) Just got my picture up. I keep thinking I've picked the last tomato from the garden, and some poor little thing turns up red the next day or so.